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Make Food Go Further

We are on a mission to make it easier for families to eat, feel and live healthier, one innovation at a time.

Our Story

At nutrifresh™ we believe that it should be easier to eat healthier and fresher food, without having to spend or waste more. This ethos fuels the design of our kitchen preparation, cooking and food storage solutions.

Innovative Solutions

Designed to make it easier to be healthier, our products make it simpler to keep food fresh and nutritious. We are on a mission to create innovative solutions that fit brilliantly with modern family life.


“I love Nutrifresh, I find it really good for keeping the kids food fresh, and storing it for the following days.”

"Love this, even my mushrooms stay fresh for longer and it's so easy to clean. I don't have to throw as much food away."

"It’s a great campaign, I love it."

Growth & Loyalty

Since the launch of our first product, the nutrition blender in 2016, nutrifresh™ has been sold across the globe, gaining love and loyalty from shoppers and retailers alike.+

Design principles

We've made it our mission to improve the products that help you prep, cook and store your food. Our devoted team of product engineers and desginers rigorously research, test, and prototype our designs to make them the best they can possibly be.

Durablility & Sustainability

Our materials are chosen with great care. We consider how they are required to function, their durability and impact on the environment. We're committed to being BPA free and reducing our footprint every step of the way. We strive to create great kitchen solutions that look and do good.

From our Family To Yours

We care about supporting your family's healthy lifestyle and hope that you get as much enjoyment from using our products as we get from creating them.

Our commitment to the planet

At nutrifresh™ we take meaningful action to reduce our climate footprint. We work closely with our suppliers, partners and community across all stages of the supply chain. Transparency and accountablity are key values as we strive to create solutions that make a difference to both families and the planet.

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