The perfect blend of convenience and healthy cooking

The Nutrifresh Soup Maker has a 1.6L capacity, giving you about four good bowlfuls of soup in 21 minutes. So why invest in a Nutrifresh Soup Maker? Here’s our top 10 reasons:

  1. Mind over matter – yes, soup can be simple to make, but how often did you actually make it? Does the idea of simply throwing some chopped-up veggies into a pot, pressing a button, and forgetting about it make you more inclined to actually make it?
  2. Saves on the washing up – Instead of a frying pan, pot, blender and spoon to clean, ALL you have to do is wash out the jug and the blade! Oh, and the knife you used to chop up the veg!
  3. It’s really quick– Chop, press a button and twenty minutes later voila, a healthy meal.
  4. Money saver – You can easily make a week’s worth of lunches from one batch, savings you loads of money on those expensive trips to the shops on your lunch break.
  5. Healthy – Homemade soup is so unbelievably good for you. You know exactly what you’re putting in which means you’re not faced with the added preservatives, additives, sugar, salt, and other nasties you can often find in shop-brought soup. It can give you an instant injection of those all-important nutrients from the fresh ingredients you choose to include. Particularly good for those trying to eat healthier, as soup is a renowned low-calorie lunch.
  6. Less waste – Soup is the perfect way to use up left over food and minimise your wastage. Just chuck it in the soup maker and see what happens!
  7. Keep it simple – With our increasingly busy lives it’s important to keep things simple, and this clever compact contraption couldn’t be any simpler. Prepare, pop in your ingredients, press the button and relax!
  8. Save space – Every kitchen struggles for space, the Soup-Maker is sleek and compact fitting neatly into even the smallest of cupboards. It certainly takes up less space than when cooking with a big soup pan and blender.
  9. A Dream to Clean – Although not dishwasher safe, the Soup-Maker only requires a quick soapy wash. Run the orange section of the lid & blade under warm water and wipe with a sponge, then repeat with the inside of the jug.
  10. Diverse – Not only can you choose between chunky or smooth textured soup via the different settings, but the Nutrifresh Soup-Maker also allows you to make a variety of different sauces.

Soup makers offer convenience, versatility, and health benefits, making them a valuable addition to any kitchen. With their time-saving features and the ability to create delicious, nutritious meals, these appliances empower you to embrace a healthier lifestyle while simplifying your kitchen adventures.

Why not pair your Soup-Maker with the Nutrifresh Airclip’s Round Glass Food Storage to refrigerate/freeze a batch for a later date. When ready, simply open the air valve, pop it in the microwave and in just a matter minutes you’ll find yourself a fresh, homemade dinner once again. Find yourself the perfect blend of products and extensive amounts of kitchen solutions with Nutrifresh!